Competitive Team

This program is offered for the serious-minded, enthusiastic, and passionate dancer! Our Show Team members experience the ultimate rewards and thrilling sensations of the art of dance, competition, and performance. Being a Show Team member builds confidence, self-esteem, time management, and teamwork. Show Team helps you find the “passionate dancer inside” and lets you share the excitement for dance with a supportive and loving team.

In the past twenty years, the dance world has changed immensely. Dance competitions and conventions have become a significant force in the dance world. LADC feels, along with other American top schools, that competitions are a fun and exciting way for the dancers to show off their abilities and hard work, to be educated by experience, and to become acquainted with well-known teachers, performers, and choreographers.

Auditions for the LADC Show Team provide this opportunity for students who wish to take part in an accelerated program of study. Being a member of the team allows the student to compete at the regional and national level in dance. Members of the LADC Show Team are selected at the beginning of October. Prerequisites to be invited to audition is a student who takes all ballet, tap, and jazz.

Selection as a member of the Show Team is NOT automatic after a certain number of years. Instead, it is based on evidence of natural dance potential, hard work, and concentration in class. Having the right attitude towards correction and classmates and a high level of family support is crucial to succeeding as an individual member as well as the success of the overall team.

An informational parent meeting will be held a week before the audition, which is held at the beginning of October. Our Show Team members commit from October – July and end with our annual show. If you have missed this year’s Show Team auditions, we recommend taking ballet, jazz, and tap classes this year to prepare for the next year’s audition. This is a beautiful experience for any dancer. Please contact us for more details.