Meet The Directors


Sheryl and Lisa growing up were instrumental in motivating each other to continue to strive for more. They continue to do the same today in creating and maintaining an establishment that can be trusted and hailed by the parents and students that attend.

Lisa Sims Grosso

With 30 years of teaching experience, Lisa knows what it takes to be a successful dancer. She was a Broadway Dance Center Scholarship winner and danced competitively with the LA Dance Connection Show Team. She has a BA in Graphic Art Design, has done clothes modeling, and is a Make-up Artist on the side. She was a Dancer for the Wild Bills Dinner Show Theatre, Oscar De La Hoya Foundation, and the Professional Dancers Society. Lisa is also a two-time award winner for the “Just Say No to Aids” campaign, created by the “National Red Cross.” She has been the Head Director of the Competitive Team for many years and has won many overall awards and titles, including the best choreography and has won many National Titles. Lisa is also an amazing Mom to three daughters, who have all began dancing at three and have joined the competitive team. 

Sheryl Sims Garces

Over a 36 year career, Sheryl has been highly decorated in the world of Dance. She has been on Stage, TV, and Film. She has worked with impressive names such as Kenny Ortega (Director/Choreographer for Dirty Dancing, High School Musical, Etc.), Cher, Elton John, Walt Disney Co., and Dial soap. You may have also seen her in the Rose Parade, in commercials, in the films Salsa and Roadhouse or on the popular TV show Starsearch. Sheryl is the Choreographer for the Professional Dancers Society, Oscar De La Hoya Foundation, and has won many awards for her Choreography at Dance Competitions across the United States. Sheryl continues to dedicate her time to helping children see and achieve the same goals and dreams that have made her life a success. Even with the dedication that she gives to the world of Dance, she still has time to be an amazing MOM! 

Having worked with 1000’s of children over 33 years, LA Dance Connection is one of the premier Dance studios in California. LADC has competed for 28 years with numerous wins at prestigious events such as LA Dance Magic, Fire and Ice, Starbound, LA Dance Force, Tremaine Dance Conventions, and the International Dance Challenge. Many of the Dancers at LADC have gone on to create full-time careers in the field of dance. The Owners of LADC have connections with dozens of places throughout the State of California that have provided many opportunities to the talent they produce! LADC has also been instrumental in the process of receiving several Dance scholarships for some of the talented dancers that have been part of the school. These Scholarships have helped some of the dancers to further their education and set them up for a long career in dance.

LADC is not just a Dance School. They thrive on taking the individuals that have a passion for dance and showing them precisely what is needed to take their talents to the next level. Below is a list of some of the most recent awards that have been won by the school. These awards can be extremely beneficial for a resume, whether the student continues in dance or goes into another field of interest. Over the past 28 years, most of these awards have been won several times by the LADC teams. The Staff and Owners of LADC have dedicated their entire lives to the world of dance. With an unbelievable passion, the owners of LADC thrive on creating the same passion in their students as they have themselves. This passion and work ethic is something that will help the LADC students succeed, no matter what they end up doing with their futures. The teaching directors are comprised of two sisters who continue to enjoy the world of dance, and both have children that have been or are attending LADC. They have an incredible 52 years of combined experience in the world of dance dating back to the early ’80s. You will not find a more dedicated staff anywhere in the country!