Aguilar Family

My mom decided to take dance lessons at the age of 27 at LA Dance Connection. She took Ballet and Jazz, and later after having us, she enrolled my sister and me into Tap, Ballet, and Jazz. Years later, my daughter, Dalilah, started dancing at LA Dance Connection and was on the competition team and continues to take dance classes at the studio. My daughter’s love of dance has grown since joining LA Dance Connection. We like how they focus on the core of all dances, Ballet. Their consistency in teaching technique and classical ballet make this a perfect place to learn to dance. We all have enjoyed the studio, the instructors, and dancing opportunities. My mom, my sister, and I, and our daughters, thank you for 30 years of dance experiences! 

Brooks Family

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.34.05 PMFor as long as Kaitlyn could express to us that she wanted to take dance classes, we knew it was only a matter of time before we would sign her up at LA Dance Connection. I work with many families that dance there and knew how much they loved the dance teachers and the studio. When Kaitlyn became old enough to start taking classes, we couldn’t run fast enough to sign her up at LA Dance Connection. During her first year, Kaitlyn took the combo class on Monday. After her weekly class day, she asked us every day, “how many more days ‘til Monday?” so she could go to class again. She loved Miss Nicole and learning her new dance steps and techniques. Performing in the recital was the icing on the cake for her! Kaitlyn loved to practice and put on shows for us! Here we are all these years later, and we are still happy that we chose LA Dance Connection for our daughter! Currently, she takes tap, ballet, jazz, turns, and lyrical classes each week. She loves all the teachers and her dance friends like they are part of her family. The best part is she still loves to dance as much as she did that first year! LA Dance Connection has brought and continues to bring so much happiness to our daughter’s life and ours too! We have loved watching her, and the other dancers in her classes grow and develop into the amazing dancers they are today. It has been such a joy to watch Kaitlyn grow as a dancer and performer. LA Dance Connection truly feels like a family, and we are glad to be a part of it!

DeLeo Family

We chose LA Dance Connection because we knew our daughter would be taught the proper techniques of ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, etc. in a fun, friendly, professional atmosphere. The dance routines taught are unique, and the dancer’s special technique and experience are apparent in their beautiful annual dance show. Our daughter has learned so much in the many years that she has been with LA Dance Connection and has formed a love for dance. Being a part of LA Dance Connection has not only taught her the respect of dance but also to be focused on her studies while attending dance classes. As a parent, watching our daughter dance makes us very proud of her and all the staff’s hard work and brings us much joy. We are grateful to be a part of the LA Dance Connection family as our entire family has made life long friends.

Froian Family


We have been part of the LA Dance Connection family since 2011. The studio came highly recommended to us by a friend who’d been dancing there since she was 3. We started with one combo class, which soon became two classes and then several classes each! It’s been a joy watching our daughters grow into the talented dancers they’ve become. Lisa and her staff provide professional instruction and encourage striving for excellence, all in a family atmosphere. Dance has taught them the importance of discipline, commitment, and fun of performance. The end of the season show is a treat for family and friends who look forward to seeing them perform something new every year. The Masterclasses offered to expose kids to industry professionals and provide an exciting opportunity to learn the latest in choreography. In addition to the quality instruction here, we’ve made many wonderful long-lasting friendships. The kids look forward to seeing their “dance friends” several times a week. We are happy to call LADC our home away from home!

Palacios Family

It has been seven years since my daughter, Madeline, started with LA Dance Connection. After her first class, I knew she was in the right place, and my search for a dance studio was over. LA Dance Connection offers a wide variety of courses for all ages, interests, and levels. Being a part of the LA Dance Connection community is like being a part of a family. I didn’t realize the enormous impact the studio would have on her dance and life. She has grown so much since she started at the studio with the diligence of the instructors and the quality of their instruction. Since Madeline has been a part of the studio and a part of the competition team, it has helped instill in her a sense of responsibility, discipline, and commitment. Thank you, LADC.

Tellez Family

L.A. Dance Connection is amazing! My family and I have been apart of the LADC family for the past five years. And, for the past three years, we have been apart of the competition team. Their teachers and staff are all fantastic and so welcoming. If you’re looking for a family- oriented dance studio, look no further. LADC is the place you want your child to attend and to feel like they are apart of the dance family. Our three daughters have learned the structure and how to be more responsible. But most importantly, they have learned and grown to LOVE dance. Our family is grateful for all that L.A. Dance Connection has done, taught, and continues to teach our girls. We love you, LADC!

Weber Family

Our family has been with LA Dance Connection since 2009, and we couldn’t have found a better dance home!

My daughter originally started at another studio, but we were looking for a school that focuses on what it means to “live to dance.” To “live to dance” not only means you love dancing, but understand dance’s purpose is to teach you to live. Dancers at LADC learn not only dance and technique, but presence, teamwork, confidence, and yes, professionalism – essential things that make you successful in life even if you don’t become a professional dancer!

Sounds like things parents do? Absolutely, the teachers at LADC have become second parents to our kids. They challenge time to be better and accountable for how they do in class, both dance, and school. And they do that while having fun! It’s probably why the kids listen to their dance teachers better than mom and dad! My kids have learned so much more than just dance from Mrs. Lisa, Mrs. Sheryl, Mrs. Nicole, Ms. Kristin, Mr. Cres, and all the dance teachers at LADC…and I would be remiss if I didn’t praise Ms. Jan too! Let’s face it, parents, we need all the help we can get raising our children well and the additional guidance and support the kids receive from this fantastic studio makes sure that they will “live to dance”! And adults…this includes you!!! Everyone can dance. Take a class and try it out. The teachers are supportive of everyone, and they know how to make you look like a good dancer even if you don’t think you are. Don’t worry, Mrs. Lisa finds your strengths and uses them in a way to make you shine or will give you an effective costume to cover you so that no one will ever recognize you!

LA Dance Connection is our family and our dance home!