Adult Class Information

L.A. Dance Connection offers adult classes for those who danced when they were younger and want to get started again but also for those that always wanted to as a child. 


Adult Tap for the adults who want to give tap dancing a go. For the aspiring dancer, this class will have you doing a soft shoe to Tea For Two, and you’ll be shuffling off to Buffalo in no time. This class will start from the beginning of the tap dance technique to reach a point of balance, rhythm, and tap dance progression. A variety of music will be used in adult classes, including rock, pop, disco, and the classics! Come along for some great music, some great dance and a social atmosphere. Learn all styles of tap and razzle-dazzle your friends and family.



 The Adult Jazz class is for fitness and fun. Different styles will be used throughout the year, including Broadway jazz and hip hop/funk. Students will build their strength and flexibility while learning dance moves.  REGISTER NOW