Cres Valencia

Cres Valencia came from the East Coast, Representing the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, Who has pursued his dance career journey from areas of hip hop, funk styles, and freestyle here in California.

Cres started dancing in Filipino cultural dances at a young age, which created an outlet to co- found his crew, Tito Boyscouts, officially in 2006. He also danced for Major Definition, Culture Shock DC, and directed Future Shock DC’s freestyle team. While directing, Cres also taught classes and workshops up and down the east coast. In 2014, Cres decided to move to the west to continue in his journey in dance, where he trained under Ray Basa in Club House LA, and under the mentorship of Arnel Calvario while training Quest Dance Studios youth team, Q Minor. He is currently dancing with Culture Shock LA under the artistic direction of David Lee and Beau Fournier.

Cres has been in the LA Dance Connection family since 2015 and started choreographing Hip Hop for the competition team in 2016. The competitive team continues to win top overall awards in a competition like Tremaine, LA Dance Magic, Hollywood Connection, Legacy, Move, Starbound, Star Quest, Star System, Thunderstruck, Star Power, and many more. In these competitions, his choreography has won multiple awards, which include First Overall, Best Choreography, to National Most Entertaining Performance in competitions, and more. He holds a high standard when he teaches and pushes all his students to be the best they can be!

Cres’ goal is to inspire and motivate his students to be the best they can be, not only in dance but in life. He wants to bring styles from which he learned from to his choreography and concepts for all his students to grow with every class to bring them closer to their own unique style.