Dance Concert Information

There are a lot of components  involved in staging a dance recital.  We ask that you carefully go over this information and if you have any questions please direct them to the office.  The information provided here will help us to continue to make our dance concert fun, stress free and enjoyable for all.


Participation in our annual dance concert is optional.  Students are automatically enrolled in the annual concert at registration.  Please notify the office if the student is unable to participate in the annual dance concert when costume deposits are due.  Learning a dance routine is part of our regular curriculum at LADC.  A portion of every class is allotted to work on a choreographed dance routine that will be performed in the dance concert in August.  Those students that are not performing will still learn the dance routine as part of their curriculum and will fill in when necessary for a absent student.


We purchase all costumes through professional catalogues. Costume deposits are due in November and balance and show fee are  due in February.  We then hold complimentary tailor days where students may come in with their costumes for individual adjustments if the costume does not fit properly.  In November students will be measured for their costumes in their class rooms.  Please not that costumes are made to look great on stage and not made to stand up for everyday wear.  Please do not wear costume before picture day.


Dance concert pictures will be taken in June by a professional photographer.  Examples of photos from previous shows are on the wall in the waiting room.  Hair and makeup classes are held complementary to all students in May at the studio.  All students will be assigned class picture times.  Please arrive early with your hair and makeup done with your costume and accessories on.  We have a very tight schedule on picture days so please make sure you have the correct tights and shoes when you arrive for your picture.

Dress Rehearsals

Rehearsals are absolutely mandatory.  It is essential that the dancers get a sense for the stage, meet their parent volunteers, and have an opportunity to actually find their spot on the stage.  Dress rehearsal is held at the La Mirada Theatre of The Performing Arts (not at the school).  Students will be given rehearsal times in July for dress rehearsal.  Please come dressed in hair, makeup and costume when you arrive at the theatre.  There is also a mandatory rehearsal at the school the day before the show for final run through.  Students are to wear dance clothes for the studio rehearsal.  Please do not wear jewelry or nail polish to dress rehearsal or day of performance.

Tickets go on sale the end of June.  Tickets are sold through the La Mirada Theatre Box Office.  You may purchase your tickets at the box office or by phone.  Tickets due sell out fast so you want to get your tickets early.  Tickets are sold up until show day.  We have two show times on the day of the event  12:30pm and 6:30pm.  Everyone occupying a seat must purchase a ticket.  Performers do not need a ticket.  Parent volunteers will not have to purchase a ticket.


Volunteer forms will be handed out in June.  If you are interested in helping please fill out the form and return to the office.  As a volunteer, you may still watch your child’s number up close from the side of the stage.  Volunteers are required to be at the  dress rehearsal at 5:15pm and one hour before show day performance.  Five numbers before the class performs the volunteer will escort the class backstage.  Backstage the volunteer will be able to view the routine and escort the class back to their seats.  Volunteers will also be required to make sure the class has all accessories and shoes on ready to perform as well as guide children to the restroom. Volunteers are to stay with the group after the show until a parent has picked up their child.

Where Dancers Go Before The Performance and After

All dancers are to report to the side stage door of the theatre to check in.  Dancers that have more than one routine will be assigned a dressing room to put their belongings in. Those dancers will meet with their designated group after putting their costumes away.  All dancers with one routine will be guided into the house to their assigned group.  When dress rehearsal is over the dancer will have a assigned time for pick up and will meet their parent at the stage door they were dropped off at.  On the day of the show if your child is in one routine one parent will be allowed in the balcony to pick up their child.  If your child is in more than one dance they will be excused out the side stage door after dressing rooms have been picked up.  No parent volunteers are allowed behind the back stage to wait for their child.  This will help us exit the auditorium quickly so students can meet up with their guests.