Kristin Santiago-Valencia

 Kristin Santiago is a striving dancer and choreographer from the Washington D.C. area, training in many different areas of dance since the age of 5. She began dancing competitively with UMBC’s Major Definition in 2006 under Billy Ta. Two years later, she founded Ajnin Precizion Dance Crew in 2008 then joined into The Tito Boyscouts in 2009. Also appearing in Tabi Bonney’s music video, “Duhh” The following year, she auditioned for Culture Shock, D.C. Season 9 (Jemuel Valencia) for two years while training in intense choreography and freestyle. Then joined into the all-female crew in the DMV, Kick Rocks Crew. In 2014, she moved to a new chapter of her dancing journey and was living in the Los Angeles area. Trained under Ray Basa with Club House LA and following her passion for whacking under Kumari Suraj and Lorena Valenzuela in The Waackers. Growing with her punking style, she is under the inspiration of Viktor Manoel’s direction to further pursue the movement that found her. She trained Quest Dance Studios youth team, IQ Dance Team, while teaching whacking and choreography at the studio. Currently, Kristin is dancing with Culture Shock LA under the artistic direction of David Lee and Beau Fournier. She is teaching in various studios in the area, including Millennium Dance Complex Orange County and Academy of International Dance.

She has been part of the LA Dance Connection family for two years, teaching hip hop classes with the influence of house and whacking in her choreography. She strives for her students to push for their own creativity with her classes from freestyle and urban dance open more creativity for them to connect to the music by their own uniqueness.

Not only does she believe in growth and confidence in dance, but also she finds being grounded and staying humble is important. She pushes these key factors and hopes that it becomes infectious and spreads to others with the same passion as she has. Her teachings consist of finding self-love within each creative to grow into the next generation of dancers to inspire the next. Kristin’s ultimate goal is that she hopes she will be able to inspire those inspired and to contribute to the dance community as much as she can.