FAQ For Students

What age do dancers start?

A young dancer starts usually at a very young age of 3.  That does not mean you can not start dance if you missed that young age.  We feel anyone can start dance at any age as long as you want to learn and grow as a individual.

Do I have to take ballet in order to take jazz?

Yes, you do at our school.  We feel that ballet is the foundation to everything in dance.

If I am in a combination class can I take jazz?

Yes,  if you are 6yrs and older.

How many dance classes should I take?

That is up to you.  We recommend that young students start out with one class and progressively add more every year with progress.

Will I be in class with my friends?

Sometimes you will be and sometimes that is impossible due to different dance levels.  This is a great time to expand your wings and make new friends.

How do I practice?

At home is a great place to practice everything you learned in class.  We advise that you don’t wear your dance shoes outside of the studio to practice.  We also recommend that video taping steps in class to help practice at home is acceptable.

When can I go on pointe?

This is one of the most popular questions of all.  All female dancers aspire to wear pointe shoes and it can only be based on the individual dancers progress and physical structure.  A young dancers bones are too soft and malleable before the age of ten to begin pointe work.  Long lasting damage can ready.  A dancer is ready for pointe work when she has  built enough strength in the feet, legs and abdominal muscles to sustain the technical demands classical ballet places on the anatomy.